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IND beat BAN by 45 runs | Live Cricket Score Updates, India vs Bangladesh, Asia Cup 2016 in Dhaka

India and Bangladesh face off for the opening tie of the Asia Cup in Dhaka. Bangladesh look to improve on their T20 form playing the world’s best side.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 121/7 in 20 Overs The batsmen got a couple of big shots going in the final overs and the batsmen negated the last few overs without losing any wickets. Taskin Ahmed hit a big six off Jadeja in the last over.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 100/7 in 16.4 Overs Nehra on a hat trick as Mashrafe Mortaza tries to cut the ball away and holes out to Jadeja at cover. This is a mere formality for India from here and Bangladesh have lost all recognised batsman. Mushfiqur playing a lone hand.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 100/6 in 16.3 Overs Ashish Nehra comes back into the attack. Mushfiqur Rahim had swept Jadeja for back to back boundaries. Then came a slog from Bangladesh’s World Cup hero off a full tossand Rohit at deep mid-wicket took a safe catch Mahmudllah c Rohit b Nehra 

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 85/5 in 15 Overs Mahmudullah comes in at seven and it may be a case of too little, too late for Bangladesh. Just three singles of the rest of the over. The batsmen are unable to go big and Pandya was spot on with his medium pacers

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 82/5 in 14.1 Overs Big, big blow and that may partially signal the end of the chase for Bangladesh. Sabbir went for the pull and the ball went high in the air and Dhoni took a simple catch to bring an end to a breezy knock. S Rahman c Dhoni b Pandya 44 (32)

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 82/4 in 14 Overs Mushfiqur has come to the crease and the batsmen are rotating the strike but that is not going to work for Bangladesh. The run rate has climbed to 13 and the Ashwin and Jadeja are nicking away plenty of dot balls. Six singles from Ashwin’s last over, another neat over from the Tamil Nadu off-spinner.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 73/4 in 12.3 Overs  Ashwin was smashed for a six by the belligerent Sabbir in the previous over. Shakib though, was taking his time to settle in and he dashed away for a single and slips midway, Raina throws the ball to Dhoni, who takes off the bails. Shakib was out by a mile. Shakib Al Hasan Run Out 3 (8)

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 61/3 in 11 Overs Pandya comes to bowl another over and the batsman almost hammers the ball back to the bowler. Then comes a pull shot from a short delivery and the ball goes over the ropes for a SIX, good hit from the batsman. 10 from the over.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 51/3 in 10 Overs Ashwin teases Kayes with his cutters and it becomes increasingly difficult for the batsmen to get things away. The batsman then decides to take the spinner on and the ball goes straight to the fielder’s throat and it is a safe catch for Yuvraj. I Kayes c Yuvraj b Ashwin 14 (24)

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 48/2 in 9 Overs Ashwin comes into the attack and Kayes takes the ball on the full and reverse sweeps the bowler into the fence. Ashwin came back well in the over. Pandya came back to bowl and another over and Kayes went for the loft and the ball falls in no man’s land after mistiming it horribly. Sabbir cuts the last ball of the ninth over and the batsmen run a couple.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 36/2 in 7 Overs Hardik Pandya comes on. The batsmen take four singles from the first four balls. Two more singles are taken from the last two ball of the over, finishing with a leg-bye. The required rate has crept up to nine an over.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 31/2 in 6 Overs Bumrah is handed his third over. Nehra cuts the ball off in the deep as the ball takes the top edge of the batsman’s bat. It is a good effort from the 36-year-old. Field changes made for the last ball and Kayes’ pull is cut off by Raina at short mid-wicket, no run.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 27/2 in 5 Overs Ashish Nehra digs it short and the ball is pulled away in style and the ball goes into the ropes for a boundary. Sabbir is on the move. The batsman then gets a single, Suresh Raina misfields at point. The batsmen take a couple of singles, with the last one being a risky gamble to end the over.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 19/2 in 4 Overs Bumrah beats the edge of Imrul Kayes but then goes on to try a slow delivery, the ball is taken on the full and the ball is carted over extra-cover and into the boundary ropes. The last delivery is played out. Excellent over for India.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 15/2 in 3.2 Overs Bumrah now strikes for India. There was bounce from the delivery and the batsman fended at it, only to get a glove and MS Dhoni takes a safe catch S Sarkar c Dhoni b Bumrah 11 (12)

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 15/1 in 3 Overs Sabbir Rehman gets an awkward delivery, pitched on middle and came in and the ball hit the pad and goes to first slip. There is a big appeal but the umpire, Shozab Raza rules it not out. The batsman gets off the mark, and Sarkar then cuts the ball on the off-side and Ashwin misfields but the ball doesn’t have enough pace on it to roll into the ropes. The last ball has the batsman pulling, but mistiming it but the ball goes over Pandya’s desperate one-handed effort.

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 9/1 in 2.2 Overs Nehra had troubled Mithun in the first over and yet again, the batsman is frazzled and the ball crashes onto his off-stump, with the ball seaming in. India strike! M Mithun b Nehra 1(3)

Live Score Updates Bangladesh 9/0 in 2 Overs Bangladesh have started off well here and Soumya Sarkar played a confident shot off Jasprit Bumrah. There were only three runs taken from the first  over. Bumrah made a fine comeback off the next four ball, teasing Sarkar’s edge three times. The last ball missed the edge of the southpaw’s bat and the ball went through to Dhoni, who dropped it.

Live Score Updates India 166/6 in 20 Overs Dhoni gets a couple off a misfield, Jadeja and his skipper run hard off a misfield. The last delivery is a slow bouncer and Dhoni pulls in style and the ball goes all the way for a SIX, typical MSD!

Live Score Updates India 158/6 in 19.4 Overs Pandya disappears too as he tries to clear long-on but the ball goes only as far as Mahmudullah’s throat, simple catch to end a breezy cameo. H Pandya c Mahmudullah b Al-Amin 31 (18)

Live Score Updates India 158/5 in 19.2 Overs Al Amin bowls the last over and Pandya gets a single. Rohit latches on to a short delivery and pulls it into the deep, Soumya Sarkar takes a brilliant diving catch. R Sharma c Sarkar b Al-Amin 83 (55)

Live Score Updates India 157/4 in 19 Overs Mustafizur comes on and it’s a single off the first ball. Short from the left-armer and the ball is cut over point and the ball goes to the fence again. This is terrific batting from the Gujarat youngster. The next delivery is missed and so is the fourth delivery, another dot ball. Full delivery, bashed down the ground to long-off for a couple. The last ball is missed but the batsmen run a single, bye.

Live Score Updates India 149/4 in 18 Overs Al-Amin is brought into the attack and the ball is chopped on the off-side and the batsmen run a couple. Short from Al-Amin and the ball is cut with some venom by Pandya and the ball yet again races to the boundary. The next one is full but Pandya flicks the ball to fence, and it is another boundary. The batsmen run a couple off the last ball and Rohit just about makes it on time to keep strike.

Live Score Updates India 136/4 in 17 Overs Mustafizur comes into the attack and the ball is cut away on the off-side and the ball reaches the fence in a flash. Single from next. Then comes a slow ball and Rohit cracks it many a mile in the air, it looked like a catch but the ball went all the way, anotherSIX. Hardik then pulls after Rohit mistimes the ball for a single. It is getting all the more harder to field and the batsmen run a couple. The last delivery is in Pandya’s slot and the ball is slogged 10 rows back in the crowd for a huge SIX

Live Score Updates India 115/4 in 16 Overs Rohit and Pandya run well and the batsmen run a couple. The ball is driven down the ground off the second ball. Rohit then comes down the track and the ball is smashed down the ground, just over Shakib Al Hasan’s head and the ball goes over the ropes for aSIX Then comes a short delivery, the ball is pulled away with great power and the ball rolls over the fence for a boundary. Rohit then gives room and goes big on the off-side, the ball pierces the gap and goes to the ropes again, magnificent batting by Rohit

Live Score Updates India 97/4 in 14.5 Overs Single from the first ball of Shakib and Rohit gets to another half-century. Single from Yuvraj off the second ball, gentle push to the off-side. Full from the left-arm spinner and Rohit sweeps it with aplomb. It was a difficult shot to pull off but the Mumbai batsman cats it to the boundary. The fourth ball has Yuvraj going for his trademark flick but holes out in the deep. It was a shame as the batsman was looking settled. Hardik Pandya plays out a dot ball off the last ball. Y Singh c Sarkar b Shakib Al Hasan 15 (16)

Live Score Updates India 90/3 in 14 Overs Rohit cuts the ball to third man. Mustfizur is the bowler and it’s a single. Full delivery by the left-armer and the Indian southpaw plays a gorgeous straight drive for a boundary. Single off the next ball on the off-side, cut from Yuvraj. More deliveries angled towards the off-side and Rohit gets another single on his off. The last ball is a slow delivery, which is chipped in the air but safely rolls to mid-on, single to end the over and the batsman moves to 49.

Live Score Updates India 81/3 in 13 Overs Shakib comes back into the attack and Rohit gets off strike from the first ball. Yuvraj then comes down the wicket and a single is taken, leg bye. Another single from a quicker delivery from Rohit. Yuvraj tries a reverse sweep and doesn’t pull it off, it was needless under the circumstances. He then gets off strike with a cur on the off-side. Rohit flicks on the leg side and it is a single.

Live Score Updates India 76/3 in 12 Overs Mortaza comes back and Yuvraj gets a single. Then, Rohit strokes the ball on the off-side and the batsmen run a couple. The third ball is pitched short and it is pulled away behind square and the ball races to the third man fence. Slow ball off the fourth and the ball is flicked away for a single. Single taken by Yuvraj and he reaches 1000 T20 runs, becoming the fourth Indian batsman to do so. Rohit keeps strike with a single on the leg side.

Live Score Updates India 66/3 in 11 Overs Taskin Ahmed comes into the attack and the ball lacks pace on it. The first two deliveries are wide on the off-side and it’s a swing and a miss. Then, Rohit Survives, dropped by Shakib. The ball was cut away, Taskin yet again provided width and the Bangladesh talisman dropped a simple catch at cover. Taskin continues to bowl short and wide. The fourth ball is cut away behind point and it is a boundary. The next ball is his  zone and the ball is carted over the third man region SIX The last ball is gently dabbed behind the keeper. It was a slow delivery and there is a calamitous misfield at third man and it is yet another four.

Live Score Updates India 52/3 in 10 Overs Mahmudullah is handed another over and the Indians are a picture of caution here. Two singles come of the first three balls. The fourth ball is darted into Rohit, who plods the ball down the ground to long-off, another single. The ball is tossed up off the fifth and Yuvraj caresses the ball through the vacant spaces on the off-side for another single. Rohit keeps strike. Catch the Live Scorecard of India vs Bangladesh here

Live Score Updates India 47/3 in 9 Overs Shakib is introduced into the attack and the ball is gripping off the pitch. Yuvraj, after getting off the mark in the previous over cuts away for a single. Rohit then flicks on the leg side for another single. The right hander is watchful here and the turn is getting vicious with every ball. The fifth ball is cut away for another single by Yuvraj. Rohit dabs the ball on the leg side and keeps strike.

Live Score Updates India 43/3 in 8 Overs Mahmudullah is handed the ball, quite surprisingly at that that. He starts off with a short delivery, pulled to short mid-wicket, no run. Single from the next ball. There is turn from the third delivery and the ball is carefully stroked on the off-side for a single. Rohit then drives a full delivery to long-on, another single. Then Raina comes down the track, is beaten as the ball keeps low and the ball crashes onto the stumps. S Raina b Mahmudullah 13 (13)

Live Score Updates India 39/2 in 7 Overs Mortaza, after a wicket-taking first over is back into the attack and the batsmen milk singles off the first three balls. Wide given for a bouncer and off the fourth ball, Raina dances down the wicket to meet the slow delivery and the ball is cut off in the deep. Couple of runs to him. Another slow delivery, the ball is dabbed on the leg side for a single. Rohit keeps strike by cutting a slightly wide delivery to third man.

Live Score Updates India 31/2 in 6 Overs Mortaza is mixing up his bowlers well and Al-Amin now comes on to bowl. The second ball is flicked of Raina’s hips and the ball goes to the boundary. The pentultimate ball is cut away quite awkwardly and the ball pierces the gap between point and cover for a boundary.

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